We at The Luxury Loft Company have the highest pride in our designing and loft planning services. We realise that it is a huge commitment to actually trust us with your ideas and project, this is why we ensure and consider all of your requirements and needs when the planning the design of your loft conversion. At this stage of your conversion the entire process is integral and by no means should be rushed, however, this can be the case with numerous other less educated loft companies that exist.




We offer a 100% complete service this is because we use our exceptionally experienced team of designers, structural engineers, architects and surveyors. At The Luxury Loft Company, we ensure you that we completely understand what you would like to gain after the completion of your conversion and the project manager that you have chosen will work with our highly educated team to make sure that no matter what we will deliver. We know the importance of things such as intended use, access regulations,  height restrictions and this is why we have the team made up of extremely experienced people who really understand this field. At The Luxury Loft Company, we actually draw you up a whole plan for you which our project manager will fully explain to you. This is so that we can find out and be completely sure that you are happy with it and understand everything before we begin anything as we will always put the customer before anything else. Our project manager will also be able to explain in full depth the entire process that will be involved when doing this alongside being able to answer any queries that you have about the project.

We take the utmost pride in designing and planning the loft conversion that you’ve always wanted, fully customized for you, alongside always considering your budget at all times. Get in touch with us today for a free quotation and our extremely experienced and educated project manager will be happy to help and answer any question you may have.


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